Ordinals Entourage ( ORD-E )

auctioned on Stacks
inscribed on Bitcoin

The first ever Bitcoin Ordinals Collection created for auction with only 90 NFTs unique profile pictures specially designed to commemorate the inscription of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Collection created to mark a milestone in the NFT market, a testament to the limitless potential of blockchain technology.

Our project consists of two distinct phases.

1. During the first phase, we will be auctioning off a limited set of 90 NFTs. The successful bidders will form the core group of the project.

2. After the auction, we will move on to the second phase. In this phase, the proceeds from the NFT sales will be stacked on the Stacks blockchain. Stacks is a layer one protocol for Bitcoin, and stakers will earn BTC rewards. These rewards will be distributed directly to NFT holders who are part of the core group.

Starting from the second phase, the core group will take the lead in directing the project. All decisions will be made collaboratively.
a place in bitcoin history

ORD-E Inscriptions

Prior to initiating any procedures, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the process.

Xverse wallet

Ordinal protocol uses the Bitcoin Taproot update, you’ll need a wallet with a taproot wallet address. We recomend to use Xverse where your ORD-E are protected from being accidentally sent away as a satoshi payment. Xverse is non-custodial wallet, you will always have 100% control over your NFTs.

Xverese App


Gamma, the leading marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs based on the Stacks programming layer for Bitcoin. Is an innovative NFT marketplace that supports the Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collections. With the Gamma Protocol, the Ordinals Collection is easily tradable and accessible.

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Ordinal Theory unlocks the ability to inscribe satoshis with images, music, videos, text and more directly on the Bitcoin base layer. Before, satoshis were treated only as monetary units, though now with a transaction it's possible to inscribe satoshis with data make them unique Bitcoin NFTs.

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